I'm Nicholas Christowitz. South African Illustrator & Designer, and this is what keeps me going...

Hey there lil guy! Thanks vodacom. #iphone5s (at Father Coffee)
Ermagerd Jozi  (at The Franklin)
@andrewtberry taking #redbullmobile secret party seriously  (at The Sands)
Jozi looking tasty from @andrewtberry ‘s apartment (at The Franklin)
@onyaps werkin on a sunday (at STUDIOSTUDIO)
My mom is on that Nike swag. #flyknitlunar  (at Killarney Heights)
@feeliqs even visits @father_coffee on his day off. #favouriteemployee
A barry weedon in its natural habitat  (at Father Coffee)
Site meetings with @kalashnikovvgallery and @artlogicsa . #foodwinedesignfair is going to be brilliant this year  (at Hyde Park Corner)